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Aircraft Hangars

Foothills Regional Airport offers seven hangar and aircraft storage options to chose from. The professional staff of Foothills Regional Airport will have your aircraft out within 15 minutes of a simple text or phone call no matter which hangar you choose. Our lineman are experienced and well trained to move your aircraft.  As a home-based customer, we are available for you 24 hours a day. 

Simply call the airport phone (828)757-0099 and if no one is on duty the phone call will be forwarded to the lineman on call.  In all of our hangars we allow customers to have a storage cabinet of reasonable size.  We also provide all of our customers with an aircraft washing area fully stocked with aircraft cleaning materials. 


Tie Down $ $50.00 per mo.


Sun Shed $110.00 per mo. – The Sun Shed provides a  roof over the aircraft to protect from hail, snow, and ice.  There are no walls, only a roof.  


Open Hangar $138.00  per mo. -  The open hangar is a community hangar that is enclosed on all sides but one.  It is the hangar closest to the terminal building .


Open T-Hangar $200.00 per mo. – The Open T-hangar is a personal space for your aircraft where you may also store your car while on trips or any other personal items you wish to store close to your aircraft.  This hangar is open on the front.


Corporate Hangar $235.00 per mo. – The Corporate Hangar a fully enclosed, insulated, and secured hangar.  This hangar has lights, receptacles, bathroom, and aircraft washing area.    


T-Hangar $275.00 per mo.- This is a personal, secure, enclosed hangar.  .  You airplane is always easy to fly out or put away no matter what time of day or night.  The T-Hangars have electric doors, lights , and receptacles.  You may also store your car while on trips or any other personal items you wish to store close to your aircraft.


Large T-hangar $350.00-  Same as above but adds addition storage large enough for two small vehicles.  The extra storage space could be converted into an office or rest area.

For Twin Engine or Turbine Rates Please call FBO and discuss the best hangar solution for your aircraft.