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FAA Approved Flight Instruction and Other Services

Foothills Regional Airport is an excellent facility to begin your journey to earning your pilot's license. We have a complete inventory of pilot training supplies, modern computers, pilot's lounge, conference rooms and other amenities for professional flight instruction.

Here is a list of FAA Certified Flight Instructors and other services that operate out of Foothills Regional Airport (KMRN).

SVN Aviation


Owned by Commercial pilot Allen VanNoppen and based at Foothills Regional Airport (KMRN), the SVN Aviataion team of flight instructors are credentialed and FAA certified to teach you the fly at your convenience and at any level from light sport to tail-dragger to multi-engine; from daytime-only VFR to IFR Multi-engine Commercial.

With an unblemished safety record, and one of the safest general airplanes on the market, SVN Aviation can teach you to fly safely, quickly and affordably.

The SVN Aviation instructors are FAA licensed pilots with the following ratings: Single- and Multi-engine IFR commercial, glider pilot, CFI II, Airline Transport Pilot rating, Sea Plane rating and more.

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Allen VanNoppen 
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Flight Curriculums and Services Provided Include:

Tail Wheel
Sea Plane,
Multi Engine
Mountain Flying
Aircraft Ferry
Aerial Photography

Aircraft Fleet:

Cessna 172M, IFR Certified


Brandon NeSmith
Bradley Bormuth
Mark Bennett
David Barbour
Mac McMillan 
Bill Dobson

Thermal Valley Hang Glider Towing

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Come experience Aviation in its purest form. Fly like a bird alongside a USHPA certified instructor. Imagine yourself flying high above the ground among spectacular views of Grandfather, Table Rock, and Hawk's Bill mountains. Marvel at the South Mountains and the meandering Catawba River while learning basic flying skills. Create flying memories that last a life time with Thermal Valley. Share your flight with friends and loved ones with our optional HD video.

Thermal Valley, Inc. 828-758-1441 Office 828-292-7473 Cell


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Craig Pearson, owner and flight operations director, holds FAA licenses for:

Private Pilot SEL 
Private Pilot Weight Shift (Trikes)
FAA Towing Endorsement 
Light Sport Repairman - Maintenance (Airplane, Weight Shift, Powered Parachute)
Rotax 912 Service Technician 
USHPA (United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) ratings:
Certified Tug Pilot
Hang 4 Hang Gliding Pilot
Tandem 3 aero-tow hang gliding instructor

Aircraft Rental

SVN Aviation, LLC owns and operates a  FAA-compliant, IRF certified Cessena 172 Skyhawk to qualified students and licensed pilots. Visit SVNAviation.com for more details.

Aerial Photography

Nothing shows a waterfront property or forested acreage better than an aerial view. When digitally enhanced with text tags and property lines, aerial photographs become essential tools for developers to showcase properties. Foothills Airport staff can assist you in seeking the right pilot for your job.

To view a gallery of aerial photography visit this page.

Lowes Motor Speedway

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